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Corporate Sponsorship

Earth Week is not the only time your employees can get involved with the town and the environment! Some easy to organize year-round projects are:

Clean-up Program

  • If you are looking for a community service project for your employees, you can: join our annual Earth Day clean up, consider a private company clean-up, or have your employees volunteer to help us in a community park project.

Green Restaurant Certification

  • This is an ongoing initiative to reward restaurants that exemplify environmental and social responsibility. Restaurants are surveyed on different aspects of sustainability but particularly on their adherence to Secaucus’ ban on Styrofoam. Once certified, restaurants receive a Green Restaurant Certification sticker to display in their window.
  • At this time there are 27 Secaucus restaurants who have completed our survey and have been awarded our Green Restaurant Certification sticker. Many of these restaurants are active participants in our annual Restaurant Night, where they are recognized for being Green Certified.