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20 Centre Ave
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Our pollinator program consists of four parts: 1) honey bees hives; 2) a wildflower meadow; 3) a butterfly garden; 4) bat houses.  All pollinators are in decline primarily due to habitat loss. The Environmental Department is working to help them thrive. Learn how to landscape for pollinators here.

Honey Bee Hives

  • Honey bees are crucial for our ecosystem. To help the declining number of bees, we have an apiary right here in Secaucus.
  • To purchase Secaucus honey, please contact the Environmental Department or stop by 20 Centre Ave (Town Hall Annex).
  • To learn more about beekeeping in New Jersey, visit the NJ Department of Agriculture or the NJ Beekeepers Association

Wildflower Meadow

  • Wildflowers not only beautify our community but also provide nourishment for bees and butterflies.
  • With the help of our incredible DPW, we continue to plant more wildflowers throughout town.

Butterfly Garden

  • Monarch Park on Radio Avenue has a beautiful Butterfly Garden, maintained and planted by the Environmental Department.
  • This garden has been certified by the Bergen County Audubon Society as a certified wildlife garden, meaning, it has all the necessary components to encourage butterflies to live, grow and thrive in a healthy habitat. Identification labels are placed to help educate residents on which plants are necessary for a healthy butterfly garden.

Bat Houses

  • Our first municipal bat houses were installed at several locations around town with help from Secaucus DPW. Bats eat thousands of mosquitos every night. Hopefully if we are lucky, we’ll be able to encourage bats to take up residence here in Secaucus and help us with natural mosquito control. If you are interested in installing a bat house on your home, please contact the Environmental Department.